Nick Grimshaw: My top Radio 1 Breakfast Show moments

By Nick Grimshaw
Former Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter

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Nick Grimshaw in his final appearance as the Radio 1 Breakfast Show host

Nick Grimshaw says he's "had the time of my life" as his final Radio 1 Breakfast Show came to an end.

When his swap to drivetime was announced, the DJ understandably felt a bit nostalgic.

He gave us his top Radio 1 Breakfast moments in his own words.

One of the side effects of doing the Breakfast Show is that you have no memory because you're so tired.

I'm like a nanna who goes upstairs and then can't remember what she's gone up for.

But here are my top moments from the last six years as I prepare to leave the show:

When Adele came to say Hello

Adele messaged me and said she wanted to play Hello for the first time on the show.

It was a really nice moment to see one of your friends do so well, and it was a really emotional song. A lot of songs we play are really fun, or you'll rave to them, but Hello was such an honest record.

She just came in with no airs and graces and we had a really open chat. We played the song for the first time and everyone in the studio cried.

It was a really mad day because we had Adele and Justin Bieber. He was meant to have been on earlier in the week but he cancelled, so when he came in I was still really teary and looked not OK.

Post-Brits all-nighters

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I've always really enjoyed them.

This year there was Haim, the year before was with Rita Ora and Stormzy - who brought in 20 pizzas.

Then there was the year we did the "straight through crew" (we stayed up all night) and Harry Styles came in and we had no producers because none had made it in.

Usually after the Brits, everyone goes back to mine and then I'm like "car's here" - I basically shove them in a taxi and bring them to work.

When I was little, two things I always loved were the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and the Brits - so these were really important moments for me.

Partying in Ibiza

Ibiza crew 2016 ❤️ @bbcradio1

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We had the most fun doing the Breakfast Show from Ibiza. I've always loved house music, clubbing and club culture.

I remember one Friday with everyone coming into the show - Annie Mac, MistaJam, Pete Tong, Monki, B. Traits, Target and Danny Howard.

Doing the show with all those great DJs that I love, and now work with, live from Ibiza was a real moment.

One year we stayed in a house with Rudimental and we had a big party with Disclosure, it was pretty wild.

Another night we went out, I'd broken my foot and went out on crutches with Calvin Harris, I was just in the DJ booth waving my crutch in the air.

My first show

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Grimmy's first ever link on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show

I'd always wanted to do the Breakfast Show and I'd not done that much daytime radio.

I'd come from night time and I was 27, and I really thought Chris Moyles was a grown-up. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it.

I was really scared about it. I'd just moved house and got a dog, and I remember reading something about Sara Cox saying that when she got the Breakfast Show she'd just moved house and got a dog.

They're the two most stressful things you could do - plus the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Opening the mic for the first time was really surreal - to do something that you've wanted to do since you were little. It was a weird moment.

I did an advert with Rita Ora, Harry Styles, Cheryl and Wiley and I bet that's awful now. It was really, really fun though.

On the first day I was like "I love waking up at five" but then on the second day when the alarm went off I was like "snooze!".

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Doing sport for charity

REGRAM from @daisylowe who got me all the snacks today 🙌

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I had to go on a bike for 12 hours outside of Radio 1 to raise money for Sport Relief. It was hard and I'd never done any sport before and have got zero interest in it.

It was the first time I'd had to commit to some sort of exercise, so it was a really nice personal challenge.

We got to go to Kenya, and we got to see how the money would be spent. I remember it just being overwhelmingly emotional, going over there.

Then it was really inspiring and made us want to raise loads of money back at home.

The new show

I'm really looking forward to not being really tired. I'm looking forward to having the day to plan and do fun things, rather than doing it the day before.

My hope for the new show at 4-7pm? I really want Rihanna to come in live.

She'll hopefully do afternoons. She doesn't really do mornings.

I guess neither do I now.

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