Chesterfield manager Martin Allen's unique transfer announcements

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Most football clubs announce player signings via the official press office. But not Chesterfield FC.

The National League team's new manager Martin Allen takes it upon himself to tell the world about the players that he signs.

And he has a pretty unique way with words.

New signing Michael Nelson, a centre-back, was described as "very old", a "leader of men" and "fit as a butcher's dog".

"Local lad" Sam Wedgbury is apparently someone who "will be good for us", according to Martin - who signs off every release with a "Take care. Martin".

Have a look for yourselves, and scroll down to see what the man himself told Newsbeat about his popular sign-offs.

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Image caption "Very old" Michael Nelson
Image copyright Chesterfield FC
Image caption No word on what Michael has to say about it all

The unusual player descriptions have caught the attention of sports writers and fans alike.

Some said he sounded like a "nana" with his "take care" sign-offs, while others mused on just how fit a "butcher's dog" actually is?

Martin told Newsbeat that this is his way of talking directly with Chesterfield fans.

"I always write my own stuff, to be fair. It's just my own mind, and my own way of communicating with the supporters," he says.

"You might as well just tell 'em straight: when they signed, who they are, a little bit about them."

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Image caption An example of Martin speaking directly to fans

He defended his description of new centre-back Michael Nelson, saying: "He is very old - he's 38".

Although he did add: "He's a great warrior, a great leader, a great person."

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Image caption "Take care"

As for that sign off, he told Newsbeat: "What could I write? Best wishes? Kind regards?

"I think the best thing for me to relay to our supporters is - take care. I can't think of a better way to sign off a nice little note."

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