Naomie Harris: Young people 'aren't given an outlet'

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Film star Naomie Harris, who works with a charity trying to keep young people out of prison, says they're not being given an outlet to express themselves.

She was speaking to Newsbeat at the premiere of her new film, Rampage, about the rise in violent crime being seen on the streets of her home city, London.

"It's incredibly saddening," she said.

"We want a city that's peaceful, we want people to get along, we don't want violence in our city at all."

Dozens of people have been murdered in London so far this year, with claims that the capital's murder rate above New York's.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd told Newsbeat a drop in police numbers is not to blame for the rise in violence, while London Mayor Sadiq Khan has promised to introduce targeted stop and search tactics to try to stop the violence.


"What's sad about it is because youth aren't given an outlet, they're not given an opportunity to have a voice and to express themselves," Naomie says.

The James Bond actress is a patron of the Intermission Youth Theatre charity - which works with 15-25 year olds who are offenders, at risk of offending, or lacking in opportunities.

It uses Shakespeare's plays and updates them with modern day language.

Naomie says by giving young people who wouldn't normally take part in drama the chance to get on the stage, it gives them an outlet which they wouldn't otherwise have.

"That's why I think drama is so important because that's what it does.

"It allows children in particular to express the feelings that they can't express in everyday life."

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