Chvrches save female rock school after loss of funding

By Jimmy Blake
Newsbeat reporter

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Chvrches have donated money to a project which encourages girls to get into the music industry after it lost its funding.

Girls Rock Glasgow failed to secure sponsorship from Creative Scotland - which led to concerns its summer school wouldn't go ahead this year.

Lead singer Lauren Mayberry said the project shows girls there are "options for them" in the music industry.

She added: "We were really happy to help in even a tiny way."

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Girls Rock Glasgow, which started in 2014, is an organisation which runs a summer school where girls can learn instruments, form a band, make art and merchandise.

Lauren said the band wanted to help because on tour it's a "predominantly male society and that's not reflective of the world is like at large".

"When we play at venues or festivals and things, you pretty much never see female crews or female session musicians.

"This camp is really cool because it shows girls these are options for them. Those choices should start from the grassroots up.

"Young girls are maybe a bit less inclined to put themselves forward for those kind of things because it does seem like a hostile environment in a lot of ways.

"I feel like we should tell young girls and young boys that there are a lot of options available to them. We were really happy to help in even a tiny way."

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The Scottish band approached the school after Lauren saw on Twitter they were struggling to get enough money to run the event.

"I've been to one of the day sessions they had before.

"The things they offer and the smiles on the kids' faces would melt your heart so I thought I would message them and see how much they'd applied for.

"We were like 'well, this costs less one of Iain's [Cook, the keyboard player and guitarist in the band] synthesisers' so it just seemed that it would be a really valuable thing to do."

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One of the school's organisers, Susan Bear, told Newsbeat: "It was amazing that Chrvches stepped in with their very generous offer.

"Their donation means we can offer more places than any years before and we'll be able to buy more equipment.

"We'll also be able to do more outreach work, getting more girls involved.

"Music is still incredibly male-dominated and for young girls to be in safe space to be creative and confident means they can see this is a possibility for them."

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