Coachella line-up created by bot is eerily realistic

Crowd at Coachella festival Image copyright Getty Images

Coachella's line-up has been reimagined by a computer, with some pretty funny results.

The festival has been headlined by the likes of Kanye West and Calvin Harris, and this year welcomes The Weeknd, Beyonce and Eminem.

But an entirely fictional line-up for the festival has been made using a predictive keyboard trained to analyse band names.

The Botnik Studios creation features gems like Lil Hack and One of Pig.

And its received a pretty huge response online.

Fake Coachella posters do the rounds each year in the build up to the California festival announcing its acts.

But Botnik Studios - an "AI community" which uses predictive text keyboards for comedy purposes - has shared a line-up that's really caught the imagination.

Deep Harris, Fistopia, and Savid Bowy are just a few of the artist's included on the poster which sound like they could be real.

Botnick Studios used a "neural network" trained on "thousands" of band names to create the poster.

The algorithm has helped create other works including Harry Potter fan-fiction and "exclusive bombshells" about Donald Trump from combining the controversial book Fire and Fury with descriptions of food at McDonald's.

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