Fast & Furious Live: Vin Diesel 'blown away' by show

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From oil tankers flying over your head to emerging submarines, Fast & Furious Live is aiming for epic.

Taking no risks with understatement, Vin Diesel says the experience will set a new "benchmark in entertainment".

The live show will bring sequences from the films to life, as well as bring in new elements.

Ahead of the global premiere in London, Vin Diesel's been giving Newsbeat the big sell.

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Some of the original cars from the films will appears in the show along with replicas

The film franchise was transformed into Fast & Furious Live by ex-Top Gear creative director Roland French.

Nobody asked him to write it, he just decided it would make an incredible live show.

"The best ideas are born from passion and he's an example of that," says Vin.

"He had a crazy concept of taking the saga that he loved and turning it into a show that could travel, to allow people to feel immersed in the action."

And the star of the films says when he saw the show being put together, he was "blown away".

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The show features 20 scenes from the film with the actual cars you see on screen.

Audiences can expect "underground drag racing in Los Angeles, drifting through car parks in Tokyo, outrunning a submarine in Russia and ripping a bank vault through the streets of Rio" - according to the adverts.

But don't suggest to Vin that this is just a bunch of fast cars doing cool stuff. He claims it'll touch people on a deeper level.

"I guess it's akin to our grandparents seeing the circus come to town, but something we can relate to, something that has more value or meaning to us."

Some claim.

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The eight Fast & Furious films have made more than £3.5bn and at least two more are in the pipeline.

But there has been criticism about the way the films depict women.

At one point, Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty, threatened to walk away.

Vin Diesel says it's something he's spoken to her about a lot.

"Michelle is a very strong and positive voice in this saga and has done wonders to maintain the integrity of the film.

"All of the thinking about what the essence of the saga is, the characters and what their message is, takes great debate and deliberation. Hopefully that's reflected in the movie."

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