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DJ wants Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royal wedding job

image copyrightJevanni Letford

A DJ has handed his business card to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle offering his services for their wedding.

Jevanni Letford has told Newsbeat he already has some songs in mind for the royal couple's big day.

He made the bold move as Harry and Meghan visited community-led radio station Reprezent in south London.

The Prince initially looked confused but he and Meghan both laughed before going inside.

Jevanni explained that he wanted to DJ at their wedding.

"He laughed, chuckled, and put it in his pocket," Jevanni said.

While a smile isn't contractually binding at this stage, the 28-year-old DJ has enjoyed plenty of media attention since posting the video on Twitter.

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image captionThe Royal couple were visiting a community-led radio station in London

"He kind of smiled and showed it to Meghan, and Meghan smiled as well," Jevanni said.

"I always have my cards on me, I thought they might not have had one [a DJ] yet.

"I didn't think anything would come of it I thought I'd take a punt and see what happens."

On the off-chance the DJ lands the gig, Jevanni knows he can't rest on his laurels, and already has a set list in mind.

image captionJevanni Letford: never leaves home without his business cards

"I'd have to sit down with them both first and find out more about the couple so I can tailor the set to them.

"To get everyone on the dance floor I'd probably start off with something like This Is How We Do It by Montel Jordan, so that everyone can start doing the running man dance.

"I'd definitely play Candy by Cameo. I get the impression Prince Harry knows the dance as well so that would definitely go out.

"Meghan is from the west coast so I'd probably play some west coast hip hop... Kendrick Lamar... I'd actually play some Stormzy as well.

"It would be a nice blend of US and UK music, but I'm conscious at the wedding the demographic might not be solely hip hop."

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