The Crown: Princess Margaret broke all the royal rules long before Prince Harry

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The Crown is back on Netflix, and while Queen Elizabeth is the star of the show, her younger sister Princess Margaret is the fan favourite.

And it's probably because she'd have made a great modern royal in 2017.

Margaret was less into royal duty and more into drinking, smoking and living her very best life.

Vanessa Kirby plays the "party princess" in The Crown but says she has little in common with the deceased royal.

"A couple of hungover mornings maybe," she tells Newsbeat.

But one person who does have more in common with Margaret is Prince Harry, who has also spent a turbulent life in the spotlight.

He's had his fair share of fun and controversy over the years - much like his great-aunt Margaret.

Here's some of what the two have in common.

The party lifestyle

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image caption(L) Princess Margaret enjoyed a social occasion; (R) Harry got into hot water over a pool party in Vegas

While Prince William and his grandma the Queen spent their early 20s prepping to take the throne (flying round the world to shake hands with people they didn't know), Harry and Margaret felt a little less pressure when it came to their royal duties.

In 2012, Harry was photographed at a pool party in Las Vegas, which ended in the prince stripping totally naked - and yes, there were photos of that too.

Margaret didn't go to the same extremes but she definitely knew how to live.

In a biography released in September, her daily routine was revealed.

While most of us are heading to the shops to pick up a meal deal at lunchtime, she was enjoying her daily "vodka pick-me-up".

We salute anyone who makes time for a four-course lunch every day.

Neither was really into conventional royal relationships

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image caption(L) Captain Pete Townsend at the theatre with Princess Margaret; (R) Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

British princes don't often get married to actresses from US TV shows, so Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle has been huge news across the world.

But Princess Margaret was making headlines with her relationships decades before Harry was even born.

In her early 20s, she began an affair with a married man, Captain Peter Townsend, who later divorced his wife.

It was controversial.

The pair were madly in love and planned to marry - but back then the church refused to support divorced people getting wed again.

So Margaret ended up putting royal duty before her heart and the pair ended their romance.

But it could have paved way for Harry's romance to work.

They both knew about the glare of the media

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image caption(L) Princess Margaret at her sister's coronation, where she was caught on camera with her married boyfriend; (R) Prince Harry's Nazi outfit made headlines in the UK

When news first broke of Harry's relationship with Meghan, it sent the media into a frenzy.

It led the prince to issue a statement criticising the press for "a wave of abuse and harassment" directed at his girlfriend.

Margaret was no stranger to the media glare.

It was an eagle-eyed journalist who first spotted signs of her romance with Peter during the Queen's coronation.

She was seen picking fluff from his jacket inside Westminster Abbey, confirming their relationship to the media and the British public.

And they both had some very famous friends

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image caption(L) Princess Margaret with Mick Jagger; (R) Kanye West, Prince Harry and Diddy

Princes Margaret was reportedly friends with some high-profile stars in the 1960s and 70s.

Those included Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger as well as musicians, actors and even a London gangster.

Harry, meanwhile, has a few A-list friends saved in his phone, and is said to be close with Cara Delevingne, who it's claimed sends "drunk texts" to the prince.

He's also good friends with Barack and Michelle Obama, who probably don't WhatsApp any royals after a few glasses of wine.

Margaret's life - the controversy, relationships, and the lifestyle - would make a compelling TV show away from the story of the Queen.

Vanessa Kirby agrees.

"You could tell a whole 10 hours of just watching her rebelling against her family," she tells Newsbeat.

"She's one of a kind, she's unapologetically herself. "We'd all like to be a bit more of that."

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