Arthur Collins acid victims take legal action against London's Mangle nightclub

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The victims of the Arthur Collins acid attack say they're taking legal action against the club where it took place.

Ayesha Nayyar, a solicitor representing some of the victims involved, claims Dalston's Mangle E8 was negligent.

"The nightclub need to take some responsibility for what happened when they allowed a bottle of acid into the premises," she says.

Arthur Collins was found guilty on Monday of carrying out the acid attack that left 22 people injured.

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image captionArthur Collins broke both of his feet after jumping out of a first-floor window trying to escape from police

Collins, the ex-boyfriend of Towie star Ferne McCann, will be sentenced next month.

Mangle E8 says it followed all the required security standards.

"We are satisfied, as are the police, that security arrangements at the venue were more than adequate," said a statement sent to Newsbeat.

"CCTV footage demonstrates this. Along with the entire industry, it is important that we continue to learn from experience and evolve our security accordingly."

But Arthur Collins' victims believe the venue should also be held accountable for the attack.

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image captionArthur Collins went on the run after the attack on Easter Monday and was tracked to a house in Northampton

"It [the bottle of acid] should have been stopped on entry," says Ayesha Nayyar.

"Had the club done the right searches and checks, the bottle would've been picked out and Arthur Collins would've been stopped from taking it in.

"The checks and searches on entry into the club were grossly inadequate."

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image captionAround 600 people were at Mangle E8, in London Fields, when the attack happened

Ayesha Nayyar has told Newsbeat why the result heard in court was such a relief to his victims.

"Yesterday when he was convicted, my clients believe that justice has been done," she says.

"They hope the judge will pass a lengthy sentence to act as a deterrent to anyone else who chooses to carry acid as a weapon.

"They were relieved. Arthur Collins chose to plead not guilty, he then made his victims face him in the courtroom and give evidence. He showed absolutely no remorse, he denied he even knew it was acid when he threw it."

image copyrightLauren Trent
image captionLauren was treated for third degree burns on her neck, chest, legs, foot and stomach

Newsbeat hasn't interviewed those represented by Ayesha Nayyar.

After the trial, we spoke to two of Arthur Collins' other victims.

Lauren Trent was left with burns on her neck after she was hit by the acid while celebrating her 22nd birthday.

"As we were queuing up, it took us about 10 minutes to get in, but one thing I remember quite clearly was security being quite lax," she said.

"We were with a group of about six boys and two girls and none of them got checked - [there were] no bags checked, absolutely nothing.

image copyrightFerne McCann
image captionFerne McCann gave birth to the couple's daughter Sunday earlier this month

"It [the conviction] was a big sense of relief. It doesn't change what's happened, but I think it's more of a case of seeing something's being done."

Phoebe Georgiou was also badly injured that night.

She's asked us not to show her face, but like Lauren, claims the club didn't search her bags at the door.

"We knew someone in there and he came up and sorted out the security and they just let us in," the 23-year-old fashion student told Newsbeat at the end of the trial.

"But what I thought was really strange is that they didn't search any of our bags, they didn't scan our IDs."

image copyrightPhoebe Georgiou

Ayesha Nayyar told us her clients have horrific scarring:

"It's across the face, it's down the neck and across the back.

"One of my clients has also suffered hearing loss through acid being splashed in his ear.

"They all suffer from nightmares and flashbacks. They're scared to go out.

"They're constantly looking over their shoulders, absolutely terrified that another acid attack might happen."

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