Disney characters reimagined as if they existed in 2017, complete with selfies

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Characters like Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Beauty and the Beast's Gaston exist in a world without mobile phones, CCTV and toxic waste.

But one graphic designer has reimagined them for the 21st century.

Tom Ward said he wanted "to bring to life the times we live in and communicate topical issues in a relatable way".

"Some have a darker message while others are more light-hearted," he's told Newsbeat.

But all have kept that colourful, Disney look. (He's such a big fan, he's even got a Disney Spotify playlist)

"Disney characters are so iconic that I thought transporting them to our modern world could help us see it through new eyes."

Tom says he was in the same situation as Prince Charming the other day... and his girlfriend was less than impressed.

The range of topics covered include cruelty to animals, LGBTQ rights and how technology affects our lives.

Here are Tom's top five from the collection, starting with Pinocchio

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"What would Pinocchio be up to in today's world? His nose extends when he tells fibs, which comes in rather handy as a selfie stick.

"Geppetto proves he can keep up with millennials, getting in on the action to help Pinocchio create the ultimate Disney selfie."

One was inspired by Disney's first openly gay character

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"This image was inspired by the recent live action Beauty and the Beast film when LeFou became Disney's first openly gay character."

We've all been in Alice's situation

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"Eat me, drink me. Nowadays we are constantly bombarded with a mixture of healthy eating messages and junk food advertising."

Peter Pan can't get to Wendy and the boys

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"The boy who wouldn't grow up can no longer just fly in through the Darlings' window to listen to Wendy's stories.

"In 2017 he's thwarted by CCTV and home security, reflecting the reality that we live in a security-conscious time."

The Disney big cats come together for human entertainment

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"Tigger, Simba and Shere Khan have been taken from their natural environments and forced to perform in a circus for entertainment, something that happens to animals all over the world.

"They sit with a quiet dignity but long to be free."

Tom has done this kind of thing before

"I worked on a series called 80s RELOADED featuring characters from the 1980s, which I'd updated.

"E.T. is riding a Segway, Robocop is now working as a traffic cop and Karate Kid is doing Gangnam Style."

And he says he has more in the pipeline.

But for now he says he's back in the office doing his day job, where his inbox is a little quieter.

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