Blossoms: We've come to the end of our first chapter

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Blossoms are moving onto the "next chapter" of their careers after playing what they say will be the last show off the back of their first album.

The Stockport band played their biggest headline gig to date in front of 8,000 people at a sold out Castlefield Bowl on 8 July.

"It was the last proper headline gig of that album," singer Tom Ogden tells Newsbeat.

"We're at the the end of the first album and heading onto the second one."

He says the show is "the best [they] have ever done" and was a good place to leave the debut album.

"There were families taking their kids to their first gig, and you know those kids are going to stay with you - because you always remember your first gig.

"We're part of their lives now. I said onstage, 'We'll see you in the next chapter' - whatever that meant.

"My mum told me she cried twice during the gig. Once during Getaway and once when I said that."

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The band say they've been in the studio in Liverpool working on the new record.

They've recorded eight tracks, including some that were written a while back.

"The new album is sounding amazing," drummer Joe Donovan says.

Tom adds: "There are still some songs on it that were written last February.

"The album won't be out until probably next year so they'll be two years old by the time it gets released."

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They also admit that, although the album doesn't have a title yet, they've thought pretty hard about some of the track titles.

"One is called There's A Reason Why I Never Returned Your Calls - but the actual title is There's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls).

"We've got a brackets tune now," laughs Joe.

"Everyone agreed we wanted a brackets tune and it was a long title so that's why we did it."

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