Injured off-duty London Bridge police officer gets WWE belt from wrestler Triple H

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An off-duty police officer injured in the London Bridge attack has been presented with an honorary WWE championship belt.

Wrestler Triple H surprised Charlie Guenigault at a London hotel.

The amateur rugby player was stabbed after tackling one of the three men involved in the terror attack which left eight people dead on 3 June.

He has injuries to his leg, head, back and stomach after trying to protect a British Transport Police officer.

The police officer was visibly shaken when 14-time World Champion Triple H entered the hotel room.

The wrestler, who's also WWE's executive vice-president of talent, live events and creative, paid tribute to the officer.

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image captionTriple H's real name is Paul Levesque
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"To run in the direction of a scary situation that can't even be described in words, to help others… for that to be your instinct to help others… that is a hero," Triple H said.

"People say a lot of times that they watch WWE because these guys are like real-life superheroes. Well, Charlie is a real hero.

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"The highest recognition a WWE superstar can get is winning the WWE Championship.

"But this honour is also reserved for those in real life who go above and beyond."

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image captionThe meeting was arranged without Charlie Guenigault's knowledge by WWE, sergeant Bill Lowden from the Police Federation (right) and his dad, John

The policeman was released from hospital at the weekend.

Charlie Guenigault was wearing a Sami Zayn "Worlds Apart" T-shirt when he was stabbed and the WWE wrestler recorded a special video message for him from the US.

Sami said: "You put yourself in the line of danger at a time when you had no obligation to do so other than doing what you felt was the right thing.

"I can't tell you how much respect I have for you and the fact that you were wearing this shirt at the time, something about that puts it into perspective for me.

"I feel that Sami Zayn has always been the guy to stand up to the bad guys, and put himself out there, but you did it in the most horrific of circumstances, in the most real and dangerous of circumstances.

"I'm just blown away. I hope I can display the type of bravery that you displayed, that you embody, the kind of heroism that you showed. I want to thank you for everything you do and I hope you continue to do well."

After the meeting, Charlie said it was a dream come true to meet Triple H.

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"It was an absolute pleasure to meet one of the greatest superstars ever," he said.

"My comments when he first walked in the room are probably not suitable for a PG audience."

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After the attack, the family of the 25-year-old, who serves as an emergency response officer in Southwark, said he "showed immense bravery".

"Given the opportunity again, Charlie would no doubt do exactly the same if faced with the same situation; helping a fellow police officer in need and protecting the public," they said.

"Charlie is described by his peers as a dedicated police officer, who is a diligent, hardworking and respected member of his team."

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