Who is Lord Buckethead, the man who stood against Theresa May?

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You might have seen the photo of him dabbing next to the prime minister, but who actually is Lord Buckethead?

The self-proclaimed "intergalactic space lord" ran against Theresa May in her Maidenhead constituency in the general election.

Spoiler alert - he didn't win - but came away with 249 votes, a "new Buckethead record".

So what else do we know about the UK's most bucketheaded politician?

He's done this before

A candidate called Lord Buckethead took on Margaret Thatcher in 1987, and John Major in 1992.

It's quite hard to work out whether its the same man, though, because on both occasions he wore a bucket on his head.

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He's got policies

At first glance, Lord Buckethead might seem like a one dimensional character; a man who simply enjoys buckets, wearing things on his head and taking on incumbent prime ministers in elections.

But there's an awful lot more to him than that. This year's manifesto included a promise to nationalise the singer Adele.

"In order to maximise the efficient use of UK resources, the time is right for great British assets to be brought into public ownership for the common good," it explained.

His other policies include bringing back Ceefax and the regeneration of Nicholson's Shopping Centre in Maidenhead.

Oh and the abolition of all lords, except Lord Buckethead of course.

He's also got his own song

It's a reworking of David Bowie's Where are We Now and it's part party-political broadcast, part love letter to Maidenhead.

We'll let the music do the talking.

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He loves a pub quiz, apparently

So much so that he stopped off at one on the way to the election count.

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