Someone made this very British politics game and it's called Corbyn Run

image copyrightCorbyn Run

This game really exists, it's called Corbyn Run and it's the most British thing on your phone right now.

It sees a miniature Jeremy Corbyn face his nemeses in the form of bankers, the Tory battle bus and Boris Johnson on a zip wire.

It's been created by Games for the Many, a group of Labour-supporting game designers and technology activists.

One of its creators, James Moulding, told Buzzfeed News it took just three weeks to build.

He says they were inspired by a similar game made by left-wing French activists for the election earlier in the year.

And he explains it's for people who want to "put something into the election beyond canvassing".

image copyrightCorbyn Run

The game, which is available for Android and iOS, sees Corbyn taking money from accountants and bankers, which can then be used to pay for election pledges.

Boris Johnson appears as a rival to Corbyn, dangling from a zip wire with a union flag in each hand.

The ultimate aim of the game is to defeat the Conservative battle bus and the more points you get, the more support miniature Corbyn has in the form of delivery drivers, students and nurses.

The game is in no way official but its designers say shadow chancellor John McDonnell's office are among the early adopters.

It was downloaded 2,000 times in the first three hours.

image copyrightCorbyn Run

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