Inside the filthiest student homes in Britain


A student in Bristol has won a national competition for the dirtiest student house.

Brittani Cooper entered pictures of the house she shares with her five housemates, two male and three female.

The 19-year-old has won £500 and a free window blind to stop people seeing into their unhygienic hovel.

Ironically she's studying property development but insists she will try harder to clean up in the future.

image captionThis flat didn't win but is pretty rancid

The award was for the untidiest and dirtiest student hall, flat or residence in the UK.

The contest was organised by a window blind firm who gave away a free blind to the winner.


Brittani's dad saw the campaign and suggested she enter.

"He knew that my housemates and I didn't exactly keep our flat the tidiest during the past year," she joked.

"I decided it was worth entering with some images of our very messy kitchen, and now I'm so happy I did."

image captionThis entry didn't win but is pretty vile

She says her dad now wants half of the prize.

"That won't be happening as I'm going to use it towards decorating my new student house for my second year," she explains.

"I'm aiming to keep my new home a lot cleaner."

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