Lena Dunham says she's free of endometriosis after five surgeries

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After publicly talking about her struggles with endometriosis, Lena Dunham says she's now free of the condition.

In one of her Lenny Letters, the Girls star explained she'd had surgery for the fifth time within a year, claiming it had worked.

Endometriosis is where tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside.

It can cause women to experience pain and infertility.

Lena says her pain had been overwhelming and wouldn't go away, but surgery to move her ovaries away from her rectal wall has put an end to it.

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She had previously tried every non-surgical option, including diet changes and yoga, she says.

"My surgery went off without a hitch," she wrote.

"Because of the unbelievable privilege of having thoughtful doctors, my body has been granted a reprieve. Pain and illness defined a time in my life.

"That doesn't mean it can never return, but for now, once my sutures have been removed and my bruises have changed from blue to yellow to green to gone, I will be healthy.

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She's also complained of a "pathetic lack of resources for endometriosis", sayings some people will never get the treatment she had.

Last month, MPs warned women with the condition in the UK aren't being diagnosed quickly enough. They also called available treatment options "unacceptable".

The condition is thought to affect one in 10 women and can also cause heavy periods, painful sex and depression.

More than 2,600 women spoke to MPs at the All Parliamentary Group on Women's Health.

Four in 10 of them said they'd seen a doctor 10 times before being diagnosed. Many said they had to do their own research to understand the illness.

US singer Halsey has also had surgery to treat her endometriosis in the past.

She said she'd been misdiagnosed several times after going to doctors with severe period pain.

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