This Game of Thrones wedding will cheer up fans waiting for season seven

By Sarah Tijou
Newsbeat reporter

image copyrightKatherine Elena Photography

Game of Thrones season seven is still months away but this amazing wedding photo shoot should help fans cope with the wait.

US photographer Katie Lee created it partly to remind herself of one of her favourite shows.

"I knew that it would be a tough style to recreate, while still managing to keep it elegant enough for a wedding," she tells Newsbeat.

She even found wolves - ok, a very wolfy dog - to complete the look.

image copyrightKatherine Elena Photography

Katie's inspiration came from her favourite characters Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark.

The two characters "are both very strong and beautiful but have a soft, elegant side to them as well".

"We wanted to portray this in both the dress styling as well as their attitudes," she explains.

image copyrightKatherine Elena Photography

Erin Foley was in charge of fashion and says "for Daenerys we wanted to go with something very ethereal, flowy, and it had to have a cape".

"For Sansa we wanted something a little bit more rigid but still very elegant so we paired a nice rich blue velvet with some natural faux fur accessories."

image copyrightLindsay Pizzuti
image captionLindsay Pizzuti did the models' hair and tells Newsbeat "I was inspired by the show, I'm a huge GOT fan."

"This is my favourite shoot I've ever worked on and am beside myself with the attention it's getting."

image copyrightKatherine Elena Photography

Of course a Game of Thrones shoot wouldn't be complete without direwolves. "The wolf dog was something I really wanted to include," adds Katie.

"I knew it would take the shoot to the next level."

River was found at a dog sanctuary for abused wolf dogs and took to the limelight straight away.

After finding her wolf, location was the next step.

image copyrightKatherine Elena Photography

Smithmore Castle is a 121-acre private mountain estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the eastern United States.

The great room features a huge chandelier, stark white walls and a large stone fireplace.

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And what would a wedding be without a cake?

Better still, a dragon cake on the style of Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons.

image copyrightKatherine Elena Photography

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