New playing pieces in the latest version of Monopoly

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The boot, wheelbarrow and thimble have all been retired in the latest version of Monopoly.

The classic pieces have been replaced by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a penguin and a "rubber ducky".

It follows a public vote over which tokens to save, as part of the brand's "Monopoly Token Madness" campaign.

The original pieces have been a staple of Monopoly boards around the world since the game was launched in 1935.

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It's the second time a piece has been removed from play following public consultation.

The iron made way for a cat back in 2013.

The remaining pieces, including a battleship and a boot, all trace their roots back to the Great Depression.

Thimbles are used to prevent pricking a thumb with a sharp needle while sewing.

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Choices for the new pieces included a hashtag, an emoji, a flip-flop and a rubber duck.

Games featuring the new piece will be available from August.

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