K-Pop band Six Bomb 'celebrate' plastic surgery with before and after videos

image copyrightSix Bomb

A South Korean pop group have released a video showing their plastic surgery procedures.

The second video for Becoming Prettier (After) shows Six Bomb dancing in an operating theatre.

The four women have had "almost every kind of surgery that could be done on a face" and breast implants, said their manager Kim Il-woong.

The video has led to questions about beauty in South Korea, the world's third-biggest plastic surgery market.

image copyrightSix Bomb
image copyrightSix Bomb
image captionSix Bomb pretend to apply make-up as part of the dance routine

One South Korean survey found more than 60% of women in their late 20s have had a cosmetic procedure.

Part one of the video, Becoming Prettier (Before), shows the four members getting their hair and nails done and consulting a plastic surgeon.

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The second part, Becoming Prettier (After), shows their faces drastically changed.

"Everyone follows me, they know I'm pretty," Six Bomb sing during the track.

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It's not uncommon for K-Pop stars to have plastic surgery, but it's unusual for them to speak about it.

The band's management reportedly spent up to 100 million wan (around £71,300) on the women's surgery, but claim they weren't forced to undergo any procedures.

The band posted teaser pictures on their Facebook page ahead of the video.

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Lead singer Dain had breast implants and her cheekbones shaved to make her face look smaller.

"We all wanted to get some surgeries done to look prettier... and thought, 'Why not perform a song about it instead of trying to conceal it?" she told the AFP news agency.

"People will notice it anyway... so we wanted to be open about this reality where many women want to look pretty."

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However, rapper Soa says she had to think "long and hard" before having the double eyelid procedure to make her eyes look more round.

"I really liked and was satisfied with my previous eyes," she said.

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