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Here's what to keep reminding yourself about social media

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There are only so many pictures you can scroll through of your friends partying on a beach and feeling #blessed before you feel a twinge of jealousy.

And that's backed up by a new study saying comparing ourselves to others online can make us feel isolated, lonely and even envious.

Throwing your phone away is clearly not an option.

So here are a few simple things to remind yourself about to make the whole thing more enjoyable.

First thing to remember is that what you see on social isn't necessarily the reason for you feeling bad - but it might be a factor.

Put simply, it might just heighten the emotions you're already feeling.

"The study acknowledges their data tells them nothing on the direction of the relationship...between social media engagement and feeling isolated," says Jonathan Freeman, Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths University in London.

"If you read the research, it shows that social media use can have both positive and negative consequences."

And Professor Freeman admits not engaging with social isn't really an option for people these days - so you have to make it work for you.

We all know what we should remember when looking at people's feeds - so with Professor Freeman's help, here's what to keep telling yourself.

Try not to compare yourself and your situation to that of other people posting online.

When you see positive posts - keep in mind that person is probably posting the most positive aspects of their lives, or photos that make them look their best.

Avoid confrontation and be mindful of anything you post.

De-prioritise posts from people who make you feel bad.

Check your privacy settings - your friends should be making you feel positive.

Be nice! Recent research has found people who say they're nice report being happier - and having more friends.

And finally, engage in the physical world too!

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