Women's March next step: a 'day without women' strike

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The organisers of the Washington Women's March against President Donald Trump are planning a women's strike.

Their official Twitter account announced news of the plans, saying: "The will of the people will stand."

It included a photograph proposing "a day without a women".

The strike follows one of the biggest protests in US history in Washington on 21 January, with millions of people staging demonstrations in solidarity around the world.

A separate strike had already been organised in the US for 17 February by the group Strike4Democracy, to protest against the president.

The date of the women's strike is yet to be announced.

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However organisers said in a brief statement that they supported other groups' attempts to protest by using "economic power".

They referred to the #GrabYourWallet campaign that organised boycotts against companies perceived to be supportive of US President Trump - like Uber and Nordstrom, which dropped its Ivanka Trump clothing brand.

Since the huge January march, the Women's March website listed ten proposed actions for the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, including forming "huddles" with like-minded local activists and contacting elected representatives.

What happens when women strike?

The concept of women going on strike has its history lies in highlighting the unequal division of domestic labour between men and women.

Iceland's women went on strike in 1975 and left their partners to look after children, cook and clean. Five years later, the country voted in the world's first democratically elected women leader.

Last year, women in Poland also went in strike to protest against the government's proposed abortion laws.

Supporters of the Women's March seemed keen on the idea of a future strike

However some people pointed out that being able to take a day off work, presumably unpaid, is a luxury.

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