Lego launches 'safe' social network for under-13s

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Lego figureImage source, Reuters

Lego's launched a "safe" social network for under-13s on a new app, called Lego Life.

Basically it's a child-friendly Lego-themed Instagram.

It'll let children post photos of their creations and comment on other people's but with strict restrictions on what they can say.

Text comments aren't allowed but users can either use prewritten responses or custom Lego emoji and stickers.

Although it's aimed at children, who have to use a parent's details to sign up, there is no restriction on adults also joining the network.

Image source, Lego Life

To keep kids safe, they won't be asked for any personal information or photographs and the app doesn't have tracking enabled.

Instead, avatars are Lego mini-figures and account names are random words.

The company says the app is heavily moderated through automated filters and employees filtering content.

The app also offers building challenges to try to encourage creativity.

All the adverts on the network are for Lego products.

Lego hopes in future the app will expand to become a central hub for all its services, including games and instructions.

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