Fassbender says the game movie curse ‘didn’t faze’ him

By Steffan Powell
Newsbeat reporter

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"I had no idea there was a curse until people like you told me," Michael Fassbender tells Newsbeat ahead of the release of his new film Assassin's Creed.

"By then I was already involved so there was nothing I could do".

Tomb Raider, Warcraft and Hitman are some of the previous attempts to make a good movie based on a video game.

Critics have not been convinced and so some have said the adaptations are cursed.

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Laughing, Michael says: "It would be worse if all the previous adaptations had been successful and this one wasn't.

"People need a story and it's a story that no-one's made a good movie out of a video game.

"All of us were fairly ignorant to all that so we were naively happy to plod along."

He thinks that it's just a matter of time before the so-called curse is lifted.

"Until it's good, it's just not good," he says.

"But if you can make a good story and translate that to a cinema experience then there won't be a curse.

"It didn't faze me at all to be honest."

He says one of the key factors is to try and make the story accessible to everyone.

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image captionAssasin's Creed is one of the best selling franchises in gaming

"There's a battle of two ideologies fighting for the future of mankind, that's going to lend itself very well to a cinematic experience.

"The initial challenge was how to distil all of that, simplify it as best we could for people who'd never played the game, people who're experiencing this world for the first time."

Speaking to us at a swanky London hotel, the Oscar-nominated actor explains he's used to making films about characters and settings that have intense fans.

"I had a similar experience with the comic book community [he pays Magneto in the X-Men films].

"[It's] a very passionate and vocal fanbase but I enjoy that to be honest because I feel I'm the same."

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image captionWarcraft is another major movie adaptation of a popular video game franchise

He also tells us that Ubi-Soft are thinking about using some of their ideas for the movie in upcoming games.

"Justin [the director] came up with the idea of the arm [to visualise the movie's time travelling machine].

"That was a huge discovery and one that Ubi-Soft picked up on immediately and they're talking about using it."

The experience of making Assassin's Creed hasn't put him off doing more work with video games in the future.

He's already voiced a character (Fable 3's Logan if you're wondering) and says he's open to the idea of following in Kit Harington and Kevin Spacey's footsteps to act in a game.

"It's always interesting to go and explore other elements of entertainment and to see if there's anything to be learnt from it certainly."

So Michael Fassbender in next year's big blockbuster game? You heard it here first.

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