Uber tracked Beyonce's movements - here's how you can stop them doing it to you

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Uber workers have been using the taxi app to follow their ex-partners, friends and even Beyonce, according to a former employee.

Samuel Ward Spangenberg is suing Uber for age discrimination and "whistleblower retaliation".

In a case filed in the US in October, he alleges that Uber staff were using the company's internal "God View" tool to check up on customer movements.

He claims he lost his job after raising concerns with the firm's bosses.

Uber doesn't just monitor journeys - like many apps it can keep track of your location at all times.

This raises several important questions for users of the app and not just the big one - "Why is Beyonce using Uber?"

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image caption"Can you Spotify my album, please?" Beyonce was named by a former Uber employee as someone who had been tracked by staff

You might also be asking yourself how you can stop Uber following your movements.

The answer is relatively simple.

If you're using an iPhone you can stop Uber tracking you by following these steps.

Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Uber and then change "Always" to "Never".

If you're using an Android phone with the Marshmallow or Nougat operating system you can follow a similar process.

Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services > and switch to "Never".

You don't need to allow Uber access to your location when ordering a taxi if you know the address of your starting location and destination.

So there's no need for the company to follow your (or Beyonce's) movements.

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image captionUber also delivers food via it's UberEats courier service

Uber collects information from your phone on your location, contacts, what type of device you're using as well as details of any calls or messages you exchange with drivers.

Uber says it uses this information to help continue to develop the app, but also to share with drivers and other users if you're using the Uberpool feature.

The firm also says it may share information collected with other organisations as part of a "partnership or promotional offering".

Buzzfeed first reported on Uber's "God View" software in 2014.

The company says the software is only used for "legitimate business purpose" but Uber staff claimed it was easy to access for employees.

Drivers are not able to access "God View".

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