Ed Sheeran is back on social media with a cryptic image


Ed Sheeran has changed all his social media profiles to a plain blue image exactly a year after he took a break from the internet.

It's prompted fans to think that the singer is about to release his third album.

This time last year he announced he would be "taking the opportunity... to travel the world" and would "see you all next Autumn".

Twelve months later and it looks like Ed Sheeran is ready to come back.

Songwriter Amy Wadge says he will "break the internet" when his new album is released.

Amy, who's been working on it and also penned Thinking Out Loud with him, tells Newsbeat it'll be out "really soon" but wouldn't be any more specific.

"His album is done," Amy says, who also worked on the new X Factor winner's single penned by Ed.

She's been working with him throughout 2016 and says "all of this year he's been preparing for his next album".

We did see him a few months ago - as promised - when he performed for a children's hospice but this is the first time he's done anything on social media for 12 months.

At that fundraising event he was sporting a scar after his face was accidently cut by a sword-wielding Princess Beatrice who was "pretending" to knight James Blunt.

The most British thing to happen, ever?

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And since it was confirmed Ed was involved in writing Matt Terry's debut his fans have gone into overdrive wanting new material.

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