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Beaver rifles through Christmas decorations at a dollar store in America

image copyrightTwitter/St. Mary's Sheriff

A beaver's been caught rifling through Christmas decorations at a dollar store in America.

The curious animal was spotted in the shop about 40 miles outside Washington DC knocking over some fake trees and pushing wrapping paper on to the floor.

The St Mary County Sheriff's office in Maryland says the beaver walked through the door at the Dollar General.

It then wandered into the Christmas section and knocked a few things over before being removed by animal control.

The local sheriff's office tweeted a picture of the beaver in action.

Sheriff's office spokeswoman Jennifer Stone says the animal has since been released to a wildlife rehabilitator.

She says the animal didn't cause any damage to the property in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, before being caught.

The sheriff's office wrote on Facebook that as an officer "you never know what your next call may be".

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