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Why Beyonce split country music in America after her Dixie Chicks performance

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Beyonce performed at the Country Music Awards (CMA) on Wednesday but her appearance has split opinion in America.

Some fans have been tweeting that she's not a country music star, so she shouldn't have been at the event in Nashville, Tennessee.

Others say they loved the performance with Dixie Chicks.

They sang Beyonce's first country-style track, Daddy Lessons, from her most recent album Lemonade.

One tweet said that she hated the fact Beyonce was opening the awards.

There now seems to be little reference to Beyonce's collaboration with Dixie Chicks on the CMA's website and social media accounts.

She only appears on its official Twitter page as part of a collage from the night.

Another post, which included a clip featuring Beyonce ahead of the event has also been taken down.

In a statement the County Music Awards has said it did "not erase any mentions of Beyonce's performance on the CMA Awards. In advance of the broadcast, CMA removed a five-second promotional clip from and CMA's Facebook page".

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It said that is was because the promo was unapproved by her team but they were pleased with her performance.

"Beyonce's performance with Dixie Chicks was a highlight of the evening and we are continuing to share the amazing full-length performance clip via our official social channels."

Dixie Chicks' lead singer Natalie Maines agreed that it was a great performance.

But some country music fans were more focussed on the fact that Dixie Chicks were there, rather than Beyonce.

The Grammy-winning group nearly had their career derailed after Natalie Maines said in 2003 that they were ashamed of then-President Bush for the invasion of Iraq.

Radio stations refused to play their music.

Natalie Maines has also been critical of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and she's previously said that they'll "never perform on the CMAs again as long as I live".

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