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Boiler Room creates 'world first' virtual reality music venue

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Boiler Room, the online music broadcasting platform, has announced plans for a virtual reality music venue which promises to take fans to "raves halfway across the world".

The site, which streams events from hundreds of cities around the globe, is working with Inception to build a VR space.

It will be used to film gigs for fans to watch via headsets and the company claims it will be the first of its kind.

It will "bring people closer to what it's like being at a sweaty rave halfway across the world," says founder Blaise Bellville.

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To begin with content from the VR venue, which is set to be ready for use in early 2017, will be only available on Inception apps.

However, Boiler Room has said it's in discussions with "a range of platforms and technology partners" to make videos more widely available.

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The venue is a step up from the site's previous efforts to create more immersive video content.

Earlier this year it posted a 360 degree video of a Run The Jewels gig.

The American rap duo has also been involved in pushing music fans towards VR after releasing a virtual reality headset, pre-loaded with a video for their song Crown.

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image captionBoiler room, which launched in 2010, has streamed sets by the likes of Skrillex and Fat Boy Slim as well as hundreds of underground names

VR is of course nothing new with gaming companies already battling it out with virtual reality headsets, but some music fans are getting pretty excited about VR and live music.

"Virtual realty grime raves?! Nothing better," one fan tweeted.

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