Teenager with cerebral palsy stars in sportswear ad campaign

image copyrightRobyn Lambird/Facebook

A 19-year-old athlete with cerebral palsy wants to challenge perceptions of disabled people by appearing in a sportswear advertising campaign.

Robyn Lambird, who was born in England and moved to Australia when she was nine, is able to walk but sometimes needs a crutch or walking stick.

She also uses a wheelchair when her symptoms become too painful.

"As a person, I am not only disabled. I am a woman, I am a creator, and I am an athlete," she said.

She's a competitive wheelchair racer and hopes to take part in her first World Championship in London next year.

And now she's added modelling to her CV, after appearing in Target's new spring campaign catalogue, believed to be the first campaign by a major Australian retailer to feature a disabled adult.

image copyrightRobyn Lambird/Facebook

She posted on Facebook, "Such an awesome step forward for disability ad inclusion and diversity.

"This isn't about seeing past disability; it's about accepting people who have them."

Robyn got involved with the campaign through her work as an ambassador for the Starting with Julius organisation, which aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the media.

"I'm so proud to be apart of Target Australia's push for greater diversity and the inclusion of people living with disabilities in mainstream advertising."

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