YouTube star PewDiePie suspended from Twitter after IS joke

By Michael Baggs
Newsbeat reporter

image copyrightPewdiepie / YouTube

YouTube star PewDiePie was suspended from Twitter after making a joke about so-called Islamic State.

The suspension was short lived and his account is now live again.

He was removed from the site after he told followers that he and fellow YouTube star Jack Septic Eye had joined IS.

Twitter shut down his account, according to their rules on promoting "organizations or individuals associated with promoting hate".

PewDiePie's account is no longer verified on Twitter and the vlogger claims he chose to un-verify himself in a post on YouTube.

He has added a globe emoji at the end of his twitter name, where a verified account would have the tick. It certifies the user as a person of public interest.

"I invite you to join and be 'globified' as I call it," he says in a YouTube video about the suspension. "It's way cooler."

PewDiePie also continued to joke about his relationship with ISIS in the video.

"Really what the globe means is my ranking in ISIS. You start off with a globe and move up to the blue flower. If you're real lucky, you move up to the popcorn."

He also pokes fun at people who celebrate their blue tick and Twitter users and other users online.

PewDiePie has resumed active duties on Twitter and has most recently been copying and pasting tweets British YouTuber Marina Joyce sent to her fans in July 2016.

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