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These are some of the worst things people have said to you at work

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New research suggests more than half of women have been sexually harassed at work, and 18 to 24-year-olds are most at risk.

The survey of 1,500 women also suggests a third had received unwelcome jokes and a quarter unwanted touching.

The TUC, which did the research, says the abuse is leaving women feeling ashamed and frightened.

The group says while they've focused on women for this report, men are also harassed at work, although less often.

So we asked you to tell us the worst things said to you at work. They include:

  • "Nice ass, shame about your face"
  • "Top up my tea with your breast milk"
  • "You've left the chair wet"
  • "It's national show your colleague your boobs day"
  • "The lads want to see that fine arse in leggings next time"

And this is what else you told us you've had to deal with...

'Go pee in the woods and bring the tissue back' - Jennifer, Plymouth

"I worked as a landscaper and grass cutter and I suffered awful sexual harassment.

"The worst was the males in the van asking me to go and pee in the woods and then bring the tissue back so they could smell it.

"I was young and blonde so was constantly being harassed by men, one employee touched my knees when in the van and another stalked me.

"It became so bad I left one job because of it. There's banter but this reduced me to tears.

"I always wanted to be like Charlie Dimmock but the harassment became so bad I changed careers. I took one of the companies to court and won."

'I want to bend you over the crates' - Anonymous

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"Working in the motor trade you kind of have to accept the sexual jokes.

"But a colleague once described to me how much he wanted to, 'Bend me over the crates and shaft me'.

"He then pushed me to bend over said crates and pretend to have sex with me.

"I've also been called a slut for choosing to work in the motor trade as, 'It's for men and easy women.'"

'Can't wait until summer to see you in a bikini' - Natasha, Kent

"I worked as a soil technician and was regularly surrounded by older men.

"I would get daily comments about my body like I had nice legs or a nice bum or that they couldn't wait until summer to see me in a bikini.

"I eventually went to my manager and his assistant to complain. The assistant asked my manager to leave so that we could, 'Have a girly chat'.

"She told me I had those sorts of comments coming to me because I was wearing leggings and that I invited that sort of conversation because I talked to them about their girlfriends.

"She then asked me not to talk to my manager about it because 'it would upset him.'"

She says she quit two weeks later.

'I'm glad we employed you, you looked best in a skirt' - Tanya, Cheshire

"I was working as a trainee solicitor. You're already in a kind of vulnerable position in that role because the number of contracts out there mean you're just so grateful to get a job.

"All of the senior partners were men and the first partner I was put with to mentor me told me he was really pleased they picked me,

"He said of all the people in the interview, he thought I looked best in a skirt so he wanted to work with me.

"I only lasted there for nine months and decided I couldn't stay in the profession."

What to do if you're being harassed

The Citizens Advice Bureau urges people to act as quickly as possible and suggests the following:

  • Tell the person to stop, if you feel it is safe to do so
  • Tell your manager what is happening. Put it in writing and keep a copy
  • Talk to your personnel department or trade union
  • Collect evidence by keeping a diary of any incidents, including time, date and location, what was said or done, who was involved and any witnesses
  • If informal procedures are unsuccessful, raise a grievance with a formal written complaint to your employer

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