Pokemon Go: Still can't catch 'em all (in the UK)

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Pokemon Go is not going to be released officially in the UK any time soon.

That's what one of the brains behind the game has suggested in an interview.

Excited fans had been waiting for the title to become available here ever since it was released in the US earlier this week.

But speaking to Business Insider the boss of the company that helped make the game says the release has been "paused".

The mobile title has been so popular in the places where it's already playable that the servers that make it work have been crashing.

John Hanke, boss of Niantic, says because of these issues they've decided to push the pause button on releasing the game in other countries until they're comfortable.

It came out in the US on 7 July after being initially released in Australia and New Zealand.

Pokemon Go allows players to catch Bulbasaur, Charmeleon or even Pikachu in their back gardens.

You play by walking around the real world catching virtual monsters in your location on your phone.

Some people in the UK with have managed to figure out a way to play by changing the settings on their phones.

But that method of getting hold of the game early has not been publically endorsed by creators Niantic and Nintendo.

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John Hanke says: "We thought the game would be popular but it obviously struck a nerve."

He doesn't give any details on just how long fans in the UK will have to wait until the game is finally released in the UK.

So for now if you want your Pokemon fix you might have to dig out your Nintendo 3DS from the cupboard or try and find your old trading cards.

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