Here's how unlikely Donald Trump's success once seemed

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Donald Trump has won enough support to become the Republican candidate in the upcoming US presidential elections.

It comes as a surprise to no-one, having dominated the Republican race and media headlines during the entire campaign.

But a year ago, President Trump was unlikely at best, a bit of a joke at worst.

Now, the business mogul's presidential dream is closer than ever.

One year ago, Donald Trump was 66/1 to become the Republican nominee according to bookmakers Ladbrokes, while Paddy Power offered a more optimistic 20/1.

At 66/1, his initial odds were the same as Japan beating South Africa in the Rugby World Cup. And that did happen.

You can now get the same odds for Wales winning Euro 2016 or Tottenham winning the 2017 Champion's League.

One year ago, bookies were offering odds of 150/1 on Donald Trump becoming the next president.

Here's how Ladbrokes have tracked his chances of success.

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Today his odds of moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (that's The White House, FYI) are just 15/8, according to some book makers, suggesting he has a 35% chance of winning the presidency.

Others are offering odds of just 2/1 on Barack Obama being succeeded by President Trump.

The former Apprentice host beat rivals including Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and John Kasich to go head-to-head with Democrat Hillary Clinton despite spending much of his campaign as the butt of many jokes for people who never believed he could become US president.

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image captionJeremy Corbyn was less likely than Trump to win his political campaign

In comparison, Jeremy Corbyn initially had odds of 100/1 of becoming the Labour party leader when he first started his campaign.

However, at 5000/1, Leicester winning the Premier League still remains the most unlikely win in recent memory.

The US presidential election will take place in November.

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