Glasses left on floor of gallery, people think it's art

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An American student who left his glasses on the floor of a gallery tells Newsbeat he "guesses" that makes him an artist.

Kevin Nguyen and his mate TJ Khayatan were messing around at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.

Unimpressed with what they saw, they decided to leave random objects lying around.

People assumed they were exhibits, and started taking photos.

"We were at the Museum of Modern Art and we thought that a lot of things were just jokes," says 16-year-old Kevin.

"I mean modern art can be cool but at the same time it can be like 'what the hell is this?'"

image copyrightTJ Khayatan
image captionKevin says him and TJ "don't hate" modern art

In an attempt to entertain themselves, Kevin and his mate TJ started putting things in empty spaces around the exhibition.

Kevin says they started with his hat and a nearby bin, but they didn't get great reactions.

image copyrightTJ Khayatan

"Then one time TJ was like 'dude put your glasses down right there!'

"I put them down and we just stood nearby. It was so funny seeing people take pictures.

"There was this one dude, he had this huge camera and he took the longest time taking pictures and then he walked away.

"We were like 'what the hell is happening?'"

image copyrightTJ Khayatan
image captionKevin says crowds of "up to 20 people" at a time gathered round the glasses

Even though the glasses were Kevin's, it was who TJ who put out the tweets.

The only problem? He didn't credit his friend, which has caused some friction.

"We didn't know it would be this popular though. We kind of had a feeling and thought it might get a couple of hundred - but we never thought it would blow up to international level."

image copyrightTJ Khayatan
image captionThe original "baseball cap" version of the prank didn't go quite so well

Some people online have pointed out that since the lads' comment on modern art has made such an impact, that kind of makes them artists themselves.

Kevin's not so convinced though. "It's kind of ironic," he says.

"I mean sure if you want to interpret it your own way I guess you could call it art - but we're just joking around."

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