The elderly couple who went clubbing at Fabric until 5am

By Michael Baggs
Newsbeat reporter

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An unnamed elderly couple from Poland have become nightlife legends after a visit to London's Fabric nightclub.

The pair, in their late 70s, hit the dancefloor at club night WetYourSelf on Sunday night.

They were still up well into Monday morning.

After knocking back two shots of tequila, the couple spent the night asking bar staff for cups of tea.

The couple finally left at 5am.

"They told me they go out regularly on Saturday nights in Poland and were looking for the best club in London," Jacob Husley, co-founder of WetYourSelf and DJ, tells Newsbeat.

"The other clubbers welcomed them and made them feel at home.

"The gentleman had quite a few dances with some of the younger girls. It was all smiles."

The Polish couple lasted a little longer than Jacob's 83-year-old dad, who partied until 1.30am when he visited and it's not uncommon for DJs to bring their parents to the club to see their sets.

"What makes this special is that they had no affiliation to anyone here and came on their own accord," Jacob says.

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WetYourSelf was launched 10 years ago.

And Jacob thinks the elderly couple's visit is a reminder of the diverse crowd and "anything goes" vibe the night always aimed to capture.

"Club culture often is portrayed in a bad light by press focusing on the wrong things, forgetting how important it is for people to dance, lose themselves and enjoy real togetherness," he continues.

"It brings people together from different social layers in society.

"Sometimes I hear people saying they feel to old to go out and it's sad, you are never to old in my opinion."

And if you're an elderly Newsbeat reader who fancies a taste of Wet Yourself, Jacob has some simple advice for veteran club kids and welcomes them to his nights.

"Wear comfortable shoes for dancing, don't wear anything too tight as you want to be able to move around," he recommends.

"If you want to be sure to have a place to sit call us before hand to reserve a table, if you have difficulties walking we have a lift and are more than happy to assist you."

Jacob didn't catch the names of his special guests, but is now looking to get in touch to offer the couple free tickets to future WetYourSelf events.

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