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What does the Premier League title race mean for fans who don't support Spurs or Leicester?

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Tottenham have closed the gap at the top of the Premier League in surely the most exciting season of all time.

Twitter went into overdrive and it wasn't just Spurs fans getting worked up - although there was plenty of that.

Fans of other clubs bashed away at their keyboards too.

They feel the rise of Leicester and Tottenham says a lot about their own team's season and are comparing their side with the table toppers.

Even Arsenal fans are appreciating their rivals season.

Gooner Sam tweeted: Spurs: great keeper, strong centre-halves, attacking full-backs, solid DM, technical creative midfielders & a great striker.

And that's not where the comparisons end.

While Spurs were closing the gap on Leicester at the top of the Premier League, the official Arsenal Twitter feed put out a tweet about the return of Jack Wilshere to Under 21s.

This didn't go down well with Arsenal fans as many compared the midfielder to Tottenham's Dele Ali.

Many Manchester United fans have been left regretting their side's choice of manager.

Some wished they had gone for someone like Spurs boss, Mauricio Pochettino.

Leicester fans had a frustrating night.

First they learned they'll probably be without star striker Jamie Vardy for a large part of the final run and then Spurs thrashed Stoke.

Some fans can't really lose. Match of the Day's Gary Lineker is a Leicester fan and used to play for Spurs.

The former England striker is clearly loving the end to the season (although if Leicester do win the League, he has promised to present the show in his pants).

Spurs fans are really sensing their team can do it. The local MP, David Lammy, is a fan and even gave politics a break last night.

Spurs fans generally are getting excited and have, on paper, an easier last four games.

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