Prince taken to hospital after emergency plane landing

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Prince has been rushed to hospital after his plane made an emergency landing.

According to TMZ, the singer's private jet was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Illinois.

It happened just hours after he'd performed on stage in Atlanta. Prince was immediately taken from the plane in an ambulance and treated at a nearby hospital.

He was released after a few hours.

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A spokesman for Prince told TMZ the singer has been fighting flu for the past few weeks.

He had to cancel a show earlier this month and even though he still wasn't feeling 100 per cent, he decided to go ahead with Thursday night's show in Atlanta.

The singer then started to feel much worse and had only been in the air for a short time before the plane had to make the emergency landing.

It's thought he was released from hospital after three hours and is now recovering at home.

Prince's people have confirmed the story to the BBC.

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