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We look back at famous first tweets as Twitter turns 10

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Happy Birthday Twitter! The site is 10.

Although the first tweet was actually sent on the 21 March 2006 many of us probably didn't start using the social network until several years later.

And a lot of those first attempts at writing something interesting, witty and informative within 140 characters failed.

So as a birthday treat we've put together a selection of Twitter debuts for you.

The first ever tweet.

We should of course start with the first ever tweet, posted by co-founder Jack Dorsey in 2006, when the service was still called Twttr.

Other names reportedly suggested were Friendstalker and Jitter.

The first tweet from the official Twitter account didn't come for another 478 days.

The president of the United States was a relatively early user. His first tweet came just over a year after the site was created.

He now has the 4th highest number of followers - more than any other world leader.

It took David Cameron two years in his role as prime Minister before he started tweeting in 2012.

He has actually posted just over 2000 tweets since.

Which may seem a lot to some but Kim Kardashian has posted over 21 thousand musings since this first one in 2009.

Some were slow to find their "Twitter voice;" unsure whether it was a place to publicise their material or somewhere to talk about their cats.

Katy Perry is currently the most followed Twitter user with over 84 million followers since joining with this tweet in 2009.

Statistics show that the popularity of the site is dwindling but there are still 320 million average monthly active users.

Even Pope Francis now has a Twitter account.

He's a relative latecomer to social media, only joining Instagram on Saturday but found his feet on Twitter first, with this tweet back in 2013 using the handle @Pontifex.

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