Jammie Dodgers aren't vegan any more and people are not happy

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It could be the worst snack news since the Cadbury's Creme Egg-gate of 2015.

The Jammie Dodgers of all our childhoods has changed forever, because the people who make them have amended the recipe to add milk protein.

Understandably, not everyone was impressed with their decision - especially vegans.

They've taken to Twitter in their hundreds to say how upset they are at having to miss out on their jam-filled treats now they contain dairy products.

They're so angry, in fact, that they've launched an online petition calling for the biscuits to be made using the old recipe. It's got 3,500 signatures so far.

In an open letter, the petition's creator Ali Ryland says the recipe change "saddened" her and she is worried it will mean those who live in rural areas will struggle to find their "biscuit fix".

So why is the company so committed to the new recipe?

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The company that makes Jammie Dodgers, Burton's Biscuit Company, says it chose the new recipe "based on consumer feedback as how best to improve the flavour and texture of the product".

Apparently, adding milk protein to the ingredients gives the snacks "a more rounded flavour".

It's also been reported the new biscuits will contain up to 20% less sugar, and the updated recipe will create a crispier biscuit with a more fruity jam.

Although many vegan customers have been tweeting Burton's about the change, it looks like it's sticking with the different recipe.

The company says it has listed the new ingredients clearly on the packet.

"We take allergen control very seriously and aim to ensure we give the correct information to customers in order to help them make the right choices."

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