Tinder users don't recognise serial killers and swipe right

By Liz Jackson
Newsbeat reporter

image copyrightAP

Ever thought you're so desperate for love that you'd date anyone?

One American actress and prankster decided to test out that idea with a social experiment on Tinder.

She set up fake profiles using pictures and details from two notorious serial killers - both people you PROBABLY wouldn't want to date.

Surprisingly though, it didn't take long for people to get their flirt on with the criminals, even when they said some pretty scary stuff.

Natalie Walker, who organised the experiment, chose none other than serial killer Charles Manson as her first would-be date - known for leading a killer cult of about 100 people.

Anyone that's heard of 'Charlie' would surely recognise his profile pictures... or not?

But if they didn't, perhaps Charlie's love of The Beatles would be a clue - or his disturbing belief in an "imminent race war"?

The penny doesn't drop for this lady though.

At least, not until Natalie - still playing Charlie - mentioned that he and his followers think he's Jesus.

And that's not before Charlie and Lexi discuss their love of cheesy popcorn and other cinema snacks.

If you thought it was surprising that Charlie got even one match, see Natalie's next experiment - posing as serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

This profile managed to collect 12 matches in just eight minutes.

Known as the "Damsel of Death" - Wuornos was convicted of killing six men in Florida in 1989 and 1990 and was executed in prison for the crimes.

Clearly her bio of "I want to kill white men" didn't stop some people wanting to get to know her.

These included Ed, who used the amazing chat up line: "How do you like your coffee in the morning?"

Although, judging from his messages, he genuinely thinks she's Charlize Theron (who played Wuornos in the biopic film Monster).

So the lesson from this experiment is that the next time you're on Tinder, don't worry if your profile picture isn't flawless.

It looks like there's hope for everyone - even serial killers.

Seriously though, stay safe - you don't always know who you're chatting to online.

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