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Meet the real life Elizabeth Line - not the renamed Crossrail project in London

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When New Yorker Elizabeth Line woke up to find her name trending, she naturally thought the worst.

"I got a text from a girlfriend... I was like, 'Oh no, what have I done? Am I going to embarrass my family and my friends?'"

Turns out she wasn't in the middle of a full-on bout of Twitter shaming and her reputation was still intact.

What had actually happened was Transport for London in the UK had announced they were going to name the new Crossrail line under London after the Queen - calling it the Elizabeth line.

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image captionThe real Elizabeth Line looks nothing like a London commuter route

Once she realised what was going on, Elizabeth decided to go with it and get herself in on the story.

She sent this tweet saying "What an amazing honor. Just wish the Queen would give it a rest with the photobombs."

Speaking to the BBC 5 live, she said: "For me this was a perfect opportunity to test a joke or two. People seemed to like it."

She has now started to receive messages from people living in the UK.

"Many are sympathetic that I will be bombarded with tweets and comments that are supposed to be for TfL about service interruptions in the years to come."

She says she's hoping that won't happen but, just in case, she's reached out to a man called John Lewis.

He's the American dad of four who personally replies to all those people who wrongly tweet him thinking it is the account of high street store John Lewis.

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