Here's how you could be left paying the price for lying on your CV

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A graduate has received a £3000 fine and been banned from working as a solicitor after lying on her CV.

The former University of West of England student said she got a 2:1 degree when applying for a new job as a legal advisor.

But it was discovered Anna Goodwin has in fact only got a 2:2.

She was then banned for 18 months by a panel at the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal earlier this month.

While there are many ways of trying to make a good impression telling tales on your CV isn't one of them.

Ms Goodwin has wanted a career in law since childhood and, like other people with a dream, she isn't the only one to tell a little white lie.

She's not the only one who's done it either...

Nicki Minaj has.

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We all thought Nicki was 26-year-old when she realised her album, Pink Friday, in 2010.

It wasn't until she was involved in a physical dispute that her true age was revealed in a police report.

Nicki isn't her real name either.

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image captionA public document showed the singer's birth date was December 9, 1982 - which made her two years older than she had claimed.

Lee McQueen

The Apprentice candidate told Sir Alan Sugar that he went to university for two years.

He then went on to win and landed a £100,000 job in 2008

The CV of the recruitment sales manager also had his two years at university. The only trouble was he only actually completed four months.

"I wasn't lying about my CV - I'd say it was misconstrued information," said Lee.

Mila Kunis

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Mila Kunis confessed to lying about her age, in 2012, when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in the U.S.

The 32-year-old admitted that she lied to the producers of the That 70s Show, when auditioning.

"Legally I was 14," Mila said.

"I told them I was going to be 18, which is not technically a lie because at one point, I was going to be."

But here's why you really shouldn't do it.

Anna Goodwin is having to pay the price of lying on her CV.

The law graduate has a 2:2 but was willing to take a risk when she found a job as a legal advisor at the British Armed Forces and so she lied.

The Army Legal Services said applicants who applied must have a classification of a 2:1 and above.

Anna said she wanted to "ensure I was noticed and got the chance to show my ability at interview".

'Certificate request'

Before the ALS were willing to offer an interview it requested to see Anna's original degree certificate.

The service not only refused Goodwin's application but reported her to the Solicitors Regulation Authority too.

She was called before a panel earlier this month.

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The report showed that Anna still has her heart set on joining the ALS.

She describes job rejection as frustrating and distressing, because of her real degree classification.

In an email to the panel Anna apologised for exaggerating on her CV "slightly".

"I can only hope that you will see that my reasons for doing it were genuine in that I find it frustrating that my mark on paper is not representative of my ability and holds me back," says Anna.

"I have my heart set on joining the ALS and I took the risk to ensure I was noticed and got the chance to show my ability at interview."

Goodwin hopes the lie isn't held against her and that she is still considered for an interview later this year.

The panel has issued Goodwin with a fine of £3000 and an 18-month suspension which means she cannot work as a solicitor in that time.

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