Sorry Adele, Oasis are still the album chart record breakers

By Daniel Rosney
Newsbeat reporter

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In a not-so-shocking turn of events Adele's 25 has smashed chart records, with 800,307 sales in a week.

It's the fastest selling album in chart history, overtaking Oasis's record-breaking album Be Here Now which sold 696,000 copies in its first chart week.

However, the Gallagher brothers' 1997 triumph was after only three days on sale. It was released on a Thursday and charted on a Sunday.

Compared with 25's first three days of sales, Oasis easily outshine Adele.

Be Here Now sold 158,000 more copies than 25, which shifted 538,000 in 72 hours.

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image captionSales after three days for both Adele's 25 and Oasis's Be Here Now

So the comparison you've been hearing about is not like-for-like over a seven-day period.

Over a full week, Liam and Noel still sold more.

Be Here Now shifted 813,000 in that time compared to Adele's 800,307.

So whichever way you look at it, Oasis still beat Adele.

And in those days, before downloading existed, you had to go and buy a physical CD at the shops.

image copyrightXL Records/ Creation
image captionSales after seven days for both Adele's 25 and Oasis's Be Here Now

The Official Chart doesn't use a like-for-like seven-day comparison.

In the past music released on any day before the day of the Official Chart was eligible to chart that week.

Earlier this year, The Official Chart moved from Sundays to Fridays to reflect the global change.

Now all music is released on Fridays worldwide, and then has the chance of charting the following Friday.

The success of Adele and 25 should still be applauded of course, especially as the album is unavailable to stream on Spotify.

And she did break the US album record for sales.

But what happened in August 1997 with Liam and Noel is still the record breaker and is unlikely to ever be beaten.

No other act has sold as many copies of an album in the same period.

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