David Hasselhoff says he's dropped the Hassel from his name

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To many, he is simply The Hoff. But it looks like David Hasselhoff has decided to make things more official.

In a YouTube video, the Baywatch legend claims he's officially changed his name, after "wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years."

That was followed by a message on Twitter saying what a "massive relief" it was to now be formally known as David Hoff.

So is that it? The end of an era, the end of Hasselhoff for good?

It certainly wouldn't be bad for business. Back in June, David told The Guardian that "the Hoff makes more money than Hasselhoff".

He's traded on his nickname for years and his recent mockumentary was called Hoff the Record.

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image captionThe Hoff with his girlfriend Hayley Roberts

But of course, there's a high chance that he's just mucking about - and that this is just a stunt to promote his latest show.

At least you've got to give him credit for bothering to make an official looking certificate.

And as name changes go, it's certainly less drastic than the Labour MP Austin Mitchell.

To help promote the fish industry in Grimsby, he once genuinely changed his name to Austin Haddock.

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