Naughty Boy reveals what it's like texting Beyonce

By Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat music reporter


"Her text always ends with a capital B. She doesn't even say her name. The capital B says everything," Naughty Boy reveals to Newsbeat.

Naughty Boy signs his messages off with NB.

He's been texting Beyonce about his new track Runnin' (Lose It All) which she features on, with Arrow Benjamin.

"I'm into spiritual numbers and so's she. Her number is four and mine is 11. It just felt like there was an alignment."

But how did Naughty Boy come to collaborate with Queen B?

"I blame the universe," he says.

"Nobody actually expected it to happen. Arrow [Benjamin] wrote the song. When I heard it, it was the same time Beyonce heard it.

"It just worked out as a perfect triangle and we all collaborated on it.

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"She sings that song like it's just hers. When Arrow comes in, he does the same thing.

"In this day and age you wouldn't expect someone like Beyonce to just jump on a track."

Naughty Boy says she did some tweaks to the song and it took a few months to get a finished version together.

"The fact it's actually happened, I'm amazed," he admits.

There's going to be a new Naughty Boy album out next year, "probably around April or May time" and it will feature lots of featured artists.

"Some very well known, some new and some I'm bringing back from the '90s," he says.

"I just feel there's that gap in the market."

He's also been asked to work with All Saints on new material.

"They were like the edgier Spice Girls," he tells Newsbeat.

"I'll take them all back to their roots but just contemporise it.

"I think the problem with trying to reinvent yourself is you're trying to become something else.

"I don't think that's the way to do it. You have to remind people about why they were great in the first place."

Is there anyone else Naughty Boy recommends looking out for?

"There's a female artist called Ava Lily and a guy called Tom Prior. They're definitely two to watch," he suggests.

"There's also a band from Manchester called Prose and they're a mix between rap and indie guitar. There's definitely talent out there.

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image captionNaughty Boy produced eight tracks for Emeli Sande's debut album

"I think people like myself have a responsibility to introduce talent."

But he says there's no formula to spotting future stars.

"When I met Emeli [Sande] for the first time, she just sang a song in a showcase in an underground place in east London.

"Everyone else in the room was talking over her performance but I stood there thinking she was just singing to me."

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