A$AP Ferg says Pharrell is 'like a monk' and 'drops jewels'

By Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat music reporter

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A$AP Ferg says working with Pharrell Williams is "dope" and he is "like a monk" in the studio.

The pair have been working together on Ferg's second album, which he says is nearly finished as he's just putting the finishing touches on it.

He admits he was in "awe" of Pharrell who spent a couple of days in the studio with him.

"He is like a big brother figure for me, he gives me a lot of advice and drops jewels," A$AP Ferg says.

"Just that experience of me being able to be in the studio with somebody I idolised for so long was great.

"He changed my life with music because he showed me it was alright to be different, and make the music that you wanted to make."

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image captionPharrell William spent two days in the studio with A$AP Ferg working on the rapper's new album

In the studio next door were Haim, we think recording their second album too, whom he describes as his "sisters".

"We were running each other's sessions and just bugging out," he explains about Haim.

"That is usually how it is in the studio... you bump into someone you know, other artists that you don't see for a long time, but you all love each other.

"It will be like 'come to my session' and you go to their sessions, you all go out to eat, you might go to a party or an art show and then come back to the studio."

image captionHaim were in the studio next door to A$AP Ferg when they were both working on their second albums

Haim and Pharrell aren't the only famous names mixing with A$AP Ferg.

"Oh yeah, Madonna," he says, modestly.

"But I actually went in to work with her, it was just crazy because she was calling Skrillex and Diplo and all of these different people to get me in."

He says he was actually on his way to Swizz Beatz's birthday party when his manager got a call from Madonna.

"It is kind of surreal at first, when you first get that initial call it's like a high," he explains.

image captionMadonna called up A$AP Ferg. He was not Hung Up, thankfully

"Then, when you get there you just get real professional and then you just work.

"You know she created her history already, so now it is time for me to create mine and for us to create something together."

Both Madonna and Pharrell have described what they have heard of Ferg's new album as "crazy".

But for him, he says it is a very real and honest record.

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image captionA$AP Ferg performing with A$AP Rocky

"It is a real open diary I would say, It is my 'rags to riches' story, my climb to the top."

And as for where it all started, A$AP Mob, he says that they are always trying to work together.

"I was just in the studio with them guys a couple of weeks ago, we were just listening to beats and vibing out," he explains.

"Sometimes we just got to put everything to the side and be like this is what we are doing, so you can expect something from us real soon."

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