Vine takes on Shazam by launching new music discovery tool

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Vine seems to have Shazam in its targets by focusing more on music.

It's launched two upgrades to its service - one which allows users to work out what tracks are being played in a vine and another to make loops.

A spokesperson for the service said in the past it had looked at "the visual components" of Vines but that was changing.

"By focusing on how your Vines sound, you can make better Vines, and share new music for the world to uncover."

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image captionNash Grier one of the World's biggest Vine stars

It's adding a tool called Snap to Beat, which it says will allow people to make what it calls "perfect" or "seamless loops" where music plays without glitching.

But the biggest shift for many is the tool that will help you work out what tunes are playing in the background of a vine - called Featured Tracks.

This is being seen as a move into Shazam's turf.

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image captionHow making a loop will look on your phone

Featured Tracks is available on iOS and Android but the creation tool is only on iOS.

The company says more than 200 million people watch Vines every month.

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