Ryanair passenger forced to sit next to vomit for entire flight

By Felicity Morse
Newsbeat social media producer

image copyrightNoel O Hare

A 24-year-old was forced to sit in the same aisle as vomit left by a previous passenger on a Ryanair flight from Gatwick to Dublin on Sunday.

Noel O'Hare noticed the smell and mess as soon as he sat down with his friends on the hour and a half flight.

He told Newsbeat the "unsightly mess" was on the ground mixed in with a bag and tissues.

Although Noel, who works in marketing, alerted staff, he was told it could not be cleaned up until they landed.

"Me and my friends were disgusted really. There was a smell of it," he said.

Ryanair cabin staff told him that because Gatwick isn't their base and their cleaners are in Dublin, it couldn't be cleaned up until they arrived back in Ireland.

Noel said that other than an apology for inconvenience via Facebook, Ryanair hadn't contacted him directly. Despite his mile-high-vomit experience, he said he would fly Ryanair again, provided they took hygiene seriously.

Ryanair told Newsbeat in a statement: "We sincerely regret this incident which was caused by a shortage of cleaners at Gatwick Airport, which would have delayed the return flight by more than one hour.

"The cabin crew blocked off the row of seats in order to minimise any delay to the return flight, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."

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