Chris Brown's promoter denies defrauding Philippine religious group

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Chris Brown's promoter has denied defrauding an influential religious group in the Philippines.

The rapper was refused permission to leave Manila for three days after a row over a concert organised by the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

Canadian promoter, Michael Pio Roda, denies he and Brown received $1m (£645,000) for a New Year's Eve gig which they then didn't turn up for.

Brown said he didn't attend the show after losing his passport.

The concert, sponsored by the indigenous Christian group, was meant to take place at its 55,000-seater indoor stadium on the outskirts of Manila.

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image captionChris Brown was allowed to leave Manila on 24 July after three days in the city

Lawyers for the American hip-hop star's business partner told the AFP news agency: "To hold Mr Pio Roda accountable for the entire one million dollars... is not only without legal or factual basis but is a travesty of justice and a continued violation of human rights."

Philippine concert producers Maligaya Development Corp have asked the country's justice department to file criminal fraud charges against Brown and Roda for failing to show up at the concert after they'd been advanced their million-dollar fee.

Prosecutors are studying the fraud complaint to determine if criminal charges will be filed in court.

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image captionChris Brown performed in Macau, China, on the night after leaving the Philippines

Chris Brown did perform at another concert in Manila last month, but was confined to his hotel because of the fraud complaint afterwards.

During his enforced stay in Manila, he posted videos where he break-danced and got down on his knees, begging the authorities to allow him to leave and continue his world tour.

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However, authorities say despite being allowed to leave the country, the fraud complaint hearings against Brown will proceed.

Michael Pio Roda's lawyers said the promoter had only received $45,000 (£29,000) from Philippine concert producers Maligaya.

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image captionDana Mengote from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration holds a copy of a bulletin issued about Chris Brown in July

He and Brown received another $578,750 (£373,500) in advance from another company involved in Brown's show, J Williams Management, the statement said.

However, there was already an agreement between the parties that this would be repaid under a "compromise" signed last month before Chris Brown's Manila concert.

The statement said: "Mr. Pio Roda's arrest and detention beginning 23rd July 2015 and the filing of a one-million-dollar criminal complaint is a shocking development, if not a reflection of bad faith in breach of the terms of the compromise agreement."

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