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'My skinny jeans caused me nerve pain'

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"My family thought I was nuts when I said it was my jeans, but today I feel vindicated!" Katie Khan tells Newsbeat.

Katie has been suffering with sciatica - a pain caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve which runs from the back of your pelvis to your feet.

She blames her skinny jeans.

And today Katie tells Newsbeat she wasn't surprised when she heard there had been a health warning issued over wearing them.

"I've always worn jeans to work, so when I started to suffer pins and needles in my calf, just below my knee, I didn't connect the two.

"After a few weeks the tingling pins and needles had developed into full-blown knitting needles that jabbed above, below and behind my knee, and I tried again to up my level of movement as I was getting a little concerned."

image copyrightKatie Khan
image captionKatie says everyone laughed when she told them her jeans had caused her sciatica

"I saw my GP who diagnosed sciatica. The main treatment is exercise, especially cycling and walking, and the doctor told me to stay as active as possible.

"They asked if there was something that was squashing me consistently, or if I wore tight-fitting trousers, and awkwardly I mentioned how I'd recently had to chop the knees of my skinny jeans open with a cheese grater as I'd put on weight, and stubbornness made me continue to wear my old jeans."

image copyrightKatie Khan

"If your jeans are leaving seam marks imprinted in your skin when you take them off at night, they're probably too tight for you.

"Truth be told, I feel like a complete idiot. I potentially caused nerve damage by wearing trousers too small for me, and I'm still limping up and down stairs.

"I've just bought some loose boyfriend jeans in the sale - hopefully they come without pins and needles, and potential nerve damage."

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